Information for Volunteers

It is important that volunteers and those whom we will help are safe and where applicable covered by insurance. This page contains the necessary guidance to volunteers to assist with this.

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All volunteers must read the guidance below.

If you are using your own car you should inform your insurance company, either over the phone or by using the form you can download here.

Step by Step Procedure for collecting and delivering food parcels

This is our step by step guide to collecting and delivering emergency food boxes. As we get more experienced at this we will amend the procedure and let volunteers know when it changes.

Food Delivery Sources

We have collated places we know to be delivering food within our area.

Food Box Contents

Our food boxes are based on those provided by the charity The Trussel Trust and contain about a week’s worth of food for one person. Each box will be cost the client £30. Vegetarian boxes are also available. The boxes are provided by Roys and contents will vary depending on availability.

NHS Community Response Volunteer Guidance

The NHS has provided excellent guidance for the Community Response Volunteer Scheme which is directly relevant to what we will do. Some minor points of the actual procedures will differ but otherwise you should read the relevant document before your first task.

Governments Advice on How to help safely

Read the latest Government advice on how to help safely